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The following 54 items are in stock:
Baby Ellema the Elephant

Item: ZOO-15981

Price: $21.95

Baby Hada the Hippo

Item: ZOO-15971

Price: $21.95

Baby Jafaru the Giraffe

Item: ZOO-16001

Price: $21.95

Baby Kojo the Croc

Item: ZOO-29110

Price: $21.95

Baby Mashaka the Monkey

Item: ZOO-15961

Price: $21.95

Baby Massage For Dummies

Item: WD-78410

Price: $12.95

Baby Signing For Dummies

Item: WD-77386

Price: $12.95

Baby Tama the Tortoise

Item: ZOO-15951

Price: $21.95

Bat Pattern Socks, White

Item: FBF-52281

Price: $6.95

Chilly Dilly Daisy

Item: SAS-612

Price: $4.95

Color Change Fork and Spoon

Item: SAS-303

Price: $3.95

Diaper Sacks

Item: SAS-415

Price: $2.95

Duck Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93002

Price: $19.95


Elephant Mat

Item: FT-17984

Price: $15.95

Feeding Bowl Set

Item: SAS-324

Price: $5.95

Giraffe Mat

Item: FT-17960

Price: $15.95

Happy Hanukkah Socks, White

Item: FBF-51804

Price: $6.95

Hippo Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93004

Price: $19.95


Ideal Temp Feeding Spoons

Item: SAS-309

Price: $3.95

Jungle Jams Hippo

Item: SAS-7261

Price: $6.95

Jungle Jams Monkey

Item: SAS-7262

Price: $6.95

Kids Sun Tripper Cap, Baby Chambray/Gray

Item: SDA-87420

Price: $17.95

Kids Sun Tripper Cap, Baby Cream/Gray

Item: SDA-87428

Price: $17.95

Kids Sun Tripper Cap, Baby Juniper/Gray

Item: SDA-87429

Price: $17.95

Leopard Mat

Item: FT-17977

Price: $15.95

Lion Mat

Item: FT-17953

Price: $15.95

Monkey Mat

Item: FT-17946

Price: $15.95

On the Go Duo

Item: SAS-261

Price: $6.95

Poppin' Push Car

Item: SAS-245

Price: $5.95

Poppin' Push Turtle

Item: SAS-287

Price: $7.95

Powdered Formula Dispenser

Item: SAS-326

Price: $3.95

Pull and Go Elephant Pal

Item: SAS-892

Price: $7.95

Puppy and Me Auto Mirror

Item: INF-200

Price: $11.95

Scoop, Pour 'N Squirt Water Fish

Item: SAS-145

Price: $5.95

Shop and Dine

Item: INF-782

Price: $12.95

Spiral Spin Top

Item: INF-3025

Price: $12.95

Take 'N Talk Phone

Item: SAS-258

Price: $4.95

Tiger Mat

Item: FT-17991

Price: $15.95

V-Kids Fun N Sun Bucket Hat, Baby Camo

Item: SDA-28221

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Fun N Sun Bucket Hat, Baby Lavender/Grape

Item: SDA-28223

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Fun N Sun Bucket Hat, Baby Royal

Item: SDA-28225

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Baby Camo

Item: SDA-75221

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Baby Cream/Sand

Item: SDA-75222

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Baby Lavender/Grape

Item: SDA-75223

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Baby Royal

Item: SDA-75225

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Baby Sand/Black

Item: SDA-75226

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Baby Tan/Chaparral

Item: SDA-75227

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Infant Camo

Item: SDA-75211

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Infant Cream/Sand

Item: SDA-75212

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Infant Lavender/Grape

Item: SDA-75213

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Infant Primrose/Lavender

Item: SDA-75214

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Infant Royal

Item: SDA-75215

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Infant Sand/Black

Item: SDA-75216

Price: $17.95

V-Kids Play Hat, Infant Tan/Chaparral

Item: SDA-75217

Price: $17.95

The following 1 item is on back order:
V-Kids Play Hat, Baby Primrose/Lavender

Item: SDA-75224

Price: $17.95

The following 33 items are no longer available:
Bath and Sun Visor

Item: SAS-104

Beagle Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91931


Black Bear Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91919


Brown Bear Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91920


Bumble Bee Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91926



Item: SEW-1001

Cream Bear Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93000


Dog Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93001


Duck Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91922


Elephant Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91927


Frog Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93003


Frog Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91918


Horse Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91916


Kitten Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91932


Lamb Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93005


Lamb Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91924


Movers and Shakers Bunny

Item: INF-6125

Movers and Shakers Dog

Item: INF-6124

Movers and Shakers Elephant

Item: INF-8511

Movers and Shakers Giraffe

Item: INF-8502

Movers and Shakers Hippo

Item: INF-8501

Movers and Shakers Lion

Item: INF-8731

Movers and Shakers Monkey

Item: INF-8512

Movers and Shakers Whale

Item: INF-8732

Papoose Pony

Item: NSC-58665

Perfect Size Snack Cups

Item: SAS-329

Pig Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91930


Pink Bear Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93006


Rabbit Baby Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-93007


Safari Roller

Item: INF-3061

Shape Sorting Castle

Item: INF-3033


Item: INF-520

Yellow Lab Wrap 'N' Nap

Item: JAG-91912


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